PRO-RIDE™ Riser Bag
$ 74.99
$ 64.99 US
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It doesn’t get any more convenient that this Riser Block Bag. It straps around the handlebar riser in just seconds and keeps important items close at hand. It has a clear vinyl map pocket so you can check your trail position at a glance, and there’s a port for routing of an iPod/MP3 headphone cord. This Bag is made of durable 1000-denier black nylon Base and has rip-stop accents, and it offers 180-cubic-inches of storage space.
Models This Fits
The product fits the following vehicles:
Snowmobile2014550 Indy
Snowmobile2014550 Indy 144
Snowmobile2014550 Indy Adventure
Snowmobile2014550 Indy LXT 144
Snowmobile2014550 Indy Voyager
Snowmobile2014600 Indy
Snowmobile2014600 Indy SP
Snowmobile2014600 Indy Voyager
Snowmobile2014600 IQ LXT
Snowmobile2014600 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2014600 Switchback
Snowmobile2014600 Switchback Adventure
Snowmobile2014600 Switchback Pro-R
Snowmobile2014800 Indy
Snowmobile2014800 Indy SP
Snowmobile2014800 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2014800 Switchback
Snowmobile2014800 Switchback Adventure
Snowmobile2014800 Switchback Pro-R
Snowmobile2014IQ Turbo LXT
Snowmobile2013600 Indy/600 Indy SP
Snowmobile2013600 Rush
Snowmobile2013600 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2013600 Switchback Adventure
Snowmobile2013800 Rush
Snowmobile2013800 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2012600 Rush
Snowmobile2012600 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2012800 Rush
Snowmobile2012800 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2011600 Rush
Snowmobile2011600 Rush LX
Snowmobile2011600 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2011800 Rush
Snowmobile2011800 Rush Pro-R
Snowmobile2010600 Pro-Ride